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Struts: They're simply shocking!

What are struts? They're upgraded shocks. Struts are similar to shocks in their "housing," which connects the strut to the body of your car. Struts are a major component in front-wheel drive vehicles. Struts assist in supporting the weight of your car and are an important part of the steering system of most cars.

Struts are usually more expensive than shocks. Struts are commonly found in fuel-efficient cars because they use less room and take the place of many other front-end parts.

Like shocks, they can wear. If your struts are not in good condition they can affect the car's handling, causing loss of control and poor braking conditions.

Here are some signs you need to have your struts repaired/replaced:

  • Your car rolls or sways in turns
  • Bouncing or sliding on winding roads
  • Front-end diving when braking
  • Bottoming-out on bumps
  • Rear-end squats when accelerating
  • Fluid leaks from strut
  • Abnormal wear on your tires
  • Dents on the strut housing

Sealed struts cannot be repaired and should be replaced when worn. Replace at the early sign of wear to save money on repairs to other parts of your car.